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Take Advantage of Daylight Harvesting

Proper lighting is essential for any business, helping to keep your business space more comfortable and your workers more productive. However, if your space has ample natural light during some parts of the day, you shouldn’t have to use your lighting at full capacity at all hours. Daylight harvesting allows you to use both natural and artificial lighting to illuminate your space, cutting down on wasted energy and saving you money. Sustainable Management Solutions can help you develop an effective daylight harvesting plan for your Pompeo Beach, FL business. Please call us today at 888-767-0006 for additional information.

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What Is Daylight Harvesting?

Daylight harvesting is the practice of implementing a lighting system that automatically responds to changing levels of natural light to maintain a target level of light in your space. As natural light becomes brighter, the system dims to save energy. As natural light is reduced, the lighting system gets brighter to keep the light at the target level. It is a perfect solution for facilities that have ample natural lighting, such as those with windows or skylights. Implementing a daylight harvesting program at your business will help you maximize the efficiency of your lighting system.

office space with various lighting

Benefits of Daylight Harvesting

The practice of daylight harvesting can have many significant benefits for your business, the most prominent of which is decreased energy usage. By using less energy, you’ll save every month on electricity costs. Not to mention, you’ll create a “greener” work environment that is more eco-friendly, helping your business do its part to protect the environment. The team at Sustainable Management Solutions can tell you all about the additional benefits of daylight harvesting, some of which include:

Automated Control

You won’t have to think about dimming or brightening your lights as the natural light in your space changes. Instead, the system will automatically adjust lighting to maintain a specified target level. When the natural light gets brighter, your lights will dim, and when the sun begins to set, your lights will get brighter to adjust.

Health Benefits

Artifical light can have a negative effect on the health of your employees, leading to slower production times and more missed days of work. By harnessing as much natural light as possible, you’ll help everyone stay healthier.

Reduced Costs

Hundreds of lightbulbs running non-stop in a large facility can create a significant amount of heat, driving up your air conditioning costs in the summer. When you reduce the amount of artificial light used, you can reduce the costs of air conditioning.

Contact Us for Info on Light Harvesting

If you would like additional information about light harvesting and how it can help your business, please reach out to Sustainable Management Solutions today. Our team is always ready to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you decrease your energy usage and develop a greener approach to your lighting system. Our goal is to help businesses in Pompeo Beach, FL and throughout the country develop sustainable solutions for their business operations.

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