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Install Lighting Controls at Your Business

More businesses than ever before are looking for ways to “go green” and become more eco-friendly. While this may seem like an investment you don’t want to undertake, adopting greener practices will likely end up saving you money long-term by reducing your energy costs. There’s no shortage of ways you can become more environmentally conscious, and one method is to install lighting controls at your business in Pompano Beach, FL or elsewhere in the country. Sustainable Management Solutions can complete this project for your, helping to assess your current lighting situation and develop a plan for wireless controls throughout your facility. Reach out to us today to learn more about this service and how it can improve your business.

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Benefits of Wireless Lighting Controls

The benefits of installing wireless lighting controls reaches beyond preserving the environment. While this is a primary perk, there are numerous other ways in which lighting control can improve your business operations and your work environment. Our team can help you learn more about each of these benefits, some of which include:

No Wires

You won’t have to worry about the cost or maintenance of wiring when installing a wireless control system. This saves money and frees you from the clutter of additional wires.

More Control

You’ll have more control of your lights, which allows you to choose the appropriate level of lighting for your needs and comfort level. You can also set different lighting levels for specific zones of your facility.

Reduces Energy Costs

Our energy-efficient controls can manage themselves, helping you conserve money on energy costs and increase productivity of your facility. You’ll gain increased sustainability with the addition of wireless controls.

Monitor Usage

You’ll be able to closely monitor your energy usage throughout your facility with the addition of wireless controls. With this information, you can track your usage and find ways to minimize it further.

Remote Capabilities

Wireless controls give you the ability to apply global schedules remotely, meaning you can control lighting, even when you aren’t physically at your facility.

Motion Activated

With motion-activated capabilities, light can be decreased in unoccupied areas and increased when motion is sensed, allowing you to save energy by dimming lights in areas that aren’t being used.

Consider Upgrading to LED Lighting

Wireless lighting controls are best implemented with LED lighting systems, due in part to the dimming capabilities of LED lights. If you’re considering installing lighting controls, and do not have an LED system, you’ll want to first consider upgrading to LED lighting. Our team can help you complete all of these tasks. Give us a call at 888-767-0006 to get started!

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