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Light Affects Everyone

Of all the technological advances over the past century, nothing has completely altered our lives as much as electric. Day and night, indoors and out, at home, in the work place, in stadiums, parks, hospitals and schools, on highways and at airports, is fundamental to our modern lifestyle.

EV charging station

Quantity and Quality

Until fairly recently the technology of was straightforward. Electric light was produced by incandescent lamps with very little concern for the quality or visual appearance of that light. Instead, light was considered primarily in terms of its quantity. The goal was simply to deliver adequate, properly directed light to perform the tasks associated with an environment. Sufficient light quantity is still a major requirement of any installation. Today, however, it is understood that the quality of that light can both enhance people’s ability to perform tasks and influence their emotional state.

Ongoing Technological Innovation

Today’s technology has vastly increased the number of options. The ability to precisely control the quality as well as the quantity of light has led to the availability of light sources that can exert subtle but pervasive effects on the appearance of an environment. Advances in our understanding of the psychological impact that light and color have on a wide range of human emotions and activities have made the intelligent use of these options increasingly important to the success of any installation.

Lighting Products

  • Exterior LED’s
  • LED Parking Lot Lights
  • Pulse Start Ballasts/Lamps
  • LED Elevator Lighting
  • Lighting Controls
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Induction Lighting
  • EV Charging Stations
  • UV Lighting for a healthier home

Daylight Harvesting

Digital photo sensors detect daylight levels and automatically adjust the output level of electric lighting to create a balance. Studies indicate that electric lighting energy use can be reduced as much as 84%.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Control Integration
  • Computerized Automation Monitoring
  • Continuous Commission Systems
Hands Free Bathroom In A Box
  • Auto Sensor Dual Flush Technology
  • Auto Sensor Low Flow Urinals
  • Auto Sensor Faucets
  • Xlerator® Hand Dryers

Managing Today’s Environment for Tomorrow’s Generations