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About Sustainable Management Solutions, LLC

SMS provides sustainable, renewable energy and natural resource saving technologies to a wide variety of clients and industries.

These technologies effectively and efficiently reduce your carbon footprint and help clean up the environment through various energy savings products. Once installed, these sustainable systems can significantly reduce your operating energy and natural resource consumption costs.

Some areas of expertise include: lighting and upgrades, building automation systems, solar and geo-thermal power energy projects, HVAC upgrades, sky lighting, daylight harvesting, roof insulation, day-lighting and shading.

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We Help Customers From a Variety of Industries

Our products and services enable our customers to build, maintain, expand or upgrade their facility infrastructures, in scenarios ranging from new construction to remodels to ongoing operations.

  • Large or Small Projects
  • Facility Retrofits
  • Unit Replacements
  • Project Conversions for Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Utility and Residential

Our customers include large property owners and managers, commercial businesses, retail chains, general contractors, property developers, healthcare, financial, hospitality, educational, government entities, industrial, and high end residential as well as individual consumers.

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See Who We’ve Worked With

We’ve worked with organizations throughout the world. Here is a sample of some of our past projects and clients. For a complete list contact us.

SMS Installation and Project List for UV & BiPolar Ionization

National Projects

Hospital University of Pennsylvania | Philadelphia, PA
Stiles 301 Las Olas | Fort Lauderdale, FL
Grubb & Ellis Tower 101 | Fort Lauderdale, FL
Whole Foods | Coral Springs, FL
Harrisburg Hospital | Harrisburg, PA
Circle K | Pensacola, FL
Circle K | Baton Rouge, LA
Archibold Medical Center | Thomasville, GA

Managing Today’s Environment for Tomorrow’s Generations